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Dr SHAMNA NAJEEB NECHOLI NINNIYAS, graduated from Dr PADIAR MEMMORIAL HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, ERNAKULAM, KERALA .She started her professional career as a medical officer at AIHMS,then as M.O. at DR SUMESH HOMOEOPATHIC SPECIALITY CENTER. She is a doctor who strongly believes in holistic approach rather than treating a patient for particular diseases,

Mainly focuses on removing the root cause of the disease through homoeopathic medicine and assuring a positive mental and physical health for the patient. The quality experience that she gained during her practice, made her more efficient in treating life style disorders, chronic diseases, utilizing the best possibilities homoeopathy offers for the sick.

At present she works withAL BALSAM HOMEOPATHIC CENTER and will continue her service as a genuine homoeopath and a compassionate doctor, whom the patient can always trust in.

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