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What you eat is directly related to your personality trait, according to homoeopathy, said Dr Rosamma Sabu, Balsam Homeopathic Centre, Sharjah.

Homoeopathy has medicines for fear of eating, fear of drinking and swallowing difficulties, said Dr Rosamma.

A patient in her 30s came to me saying that she can’t eat beef. It is her favourite food but when her cholesterol levels became a little high, the doctor advised a reduction in beef consumption. After that, the sight of beef would make her nauseous and she would end up vomiting. That continued for three years, said Dr Rosamma.

Her mental state was taken into consideration and medicines were prescribed, and she started cooking and eating beef when she came for her next consultation, said Dr Rosamma.

Homoeopathy offers only medications, and no other mode of treatments other than reassurance and understanding, Dr Rosamma said.

Dr Rosamma Sabu, Balsam Homeopathic Centre, Sharjah